31 March 2014

Make-A-List Monday: It's Flimsy Finish Week!

Doing my very best to look on the bright side over here. And working on getting some babysitting swapping going so I can get some finished quilts out the door.

Do I sound crazy when I have this thought: I have a friend who also homeschools her five kids - our kids are all pretty much the same ages - and she watches my kids from time to time (doc appointments and such). Now, I'm thinking I might offer her a quilt in exchange for some time to finish some quilts. Is that offering too much, or not enough? Because the trade-off is more than perfect for me - I'm craving some time alone these days. And I bet a quilt would make a nice gift for one of her kids - or on her couch.

Anyway, that's where my mind is going right now. But here's what I'll work on until I can work it all out:
  • Finish I Love Lucy flimsy
  • Finish Ruby Grannies flimsy
  • Finish Scrumptious Kaleidoscope pillow (how to quilt it?)
  • Start Scrumptious pinwheel shams (or some other HSTs pattern - zig zags)
I think that's all. 


  1. Your idea rings true to me-I surely would present it and ask her to be honest about what she feels. Asking can always be a risk but I'd go for it in an instant !~!

  2. I understand the need for alone time and quilt time and a quilt would be a wonderful gift for anyone!!!

  3. I think it's a great swap! Go for it. She can only say no, she's not interested in a quilt. You're no worse off than now if that's the case. Hope it all works out for you xxx PS I totally understand the craving time alone feeling. You have my empathy.


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