16 June 2014

Bag-A-List Monday: Yeah, you heard me

Because that is just what I did last week. I bagged the stupid list. What was I even going to work on? I'd have to go back to look, and the lazy days of summer have me in their clutches. I'm not complaining.

I think I was ambitiously going to work on my Pam Kitty Morning Dresden plates, but then I forgot. I did other things. Like finished my cousin's quilt.

And we went to the park. And the library. And the park again. And the zoo.

We ate popsicles. Scout meeting on Thursday night. Sprinkler park on Monday night. More popsicles.

I did some indexing (seriously, so fun and so cool). I've been working on batches of death records from Cook County, Illinois from the 1920s. Fascinating stuff, y'all.

Okay, so I might do this stuff this week:
  • Lucy's Crab Shack Weekender
  • Gypsy Girl Kaleidoscope pillow cover for my daughter
  • Bind my Delft Blue Dutch pinwheels quilt
  • Finish Cake Mini top
  • Make my Texas QAL block and get it ready to blog
Probably get the binding done. And some of the Gypsy Girl blocks done. But I know I'll get the important things done - zoo, park, library, popsicles, park, lather, rinse, repeat.

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  1. Please tell me what pattern the quilt is in your header. I think I can figure out the blocks, but I am still curious. =)


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