17 June 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Summer with Lucy

I'm drowning my sorrows in sewing.

Sorrows. Ha. It could be way worse. There are several of you who are actually not with your sweethearts for long periods of time. Most of the day, but he comes home at night? Yeah, suck it up Jennie. You've got it pretty good.

So I'm playing with squares of fabric for another Weekender.

Just tell me: what questions do you have about the Weekender? I'm putting together my tip sheet/tutorial, and I'd like to answer any questions you have.

I'll be letting you know how many squares you'll need. Tips on piping, zippers, sewing the dang thing, etc.

I'd just like to know what you'd like to know about making this bag. What scares you about it? Stuff like that.


  1. I am just starting my quilt as you go pieces for my first weekender bag. I have been interrupted by my machine breaking and it will have to spend 10 days to two weeks at the repair shop. I look forward to any tips you have to offer on making the bag.

  2. I've always wanted to make a Weekender, but I never seem to prioritize it like I should if I actually want to get it made. So time, not necessarily skill, is my stumbling block.

    The first part of your post made me chuckle a little. My husband works out of town for long chunks of time. His schedule is, 22 days away from home, and then 13 days home, lather, rinse, repeat. I find I get more sewing done in the evenings when he is gone, because I have nothing else to do.


  3. But I get so much done when he's gone! Never mind that I'm slightly insane from the kids. Anyway, I don't know what scares me about the Weekender. I just heard everyone else claim it's hard. My friend who barely sews made one, though, so it clearly can't be that bad.

  4. I can't seem to commit to the perfect fabric. Then just all the supplies!


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