19 June 2014

Designer Thursdays: BunnyBear

I've decided to dedicate Thursdays to awesome designers who are generous and give permission for you to make and sell items using their patterns. Let's celebrate the generous ones, shall we?

Today's designer is BunnyBear. Born of a love of American Girl doll Samantha, this designer began offering her patterns for sale in 2008. Y'all, these dresses are stunning. I've bought several, and let me tell you, the fit is perfect.

I've purchased lots of 18" doll patterns over the years. When Joann's has a sale on patterns, I'll pick them up for $1 and be okay happy with the result. They don't fit all that well, and are sort of bulky and awkward.

Then I stumbled on BunnyBear. And I won't go back. The directions are full of detailed pictures. The details on the dresses are adorable. These are professional grade dresses!


Those are mine! And I have a wishlist for more patterns. Still on my list are:

She even has modern stuff! For all you Twilight fans (or not, in my case):

I kind of love these patterns. A lot. And BunnyBear very generously gives permission for you to make and sell these dresses that she has so painstakingly designed.

So visit! Shop! Make a dress for a daughter, niece, friend, or yourself! Sell a few.

*All BunnyBear pictures are hers. She knows I'm writing this blog. I asked first. So if you plan on pinning any image, please only pin mine from this site, and pin hers from her site. Thanks ever so!


  1. Me and my mini-me were scrolling though Bloglovin and she said, "Wait! That's Kit!"...and she loves the AG dresses. So, it looks like I'm going to have to learn how to really sew--thanks Jennie!

  2. I am NOT a Twilight fan either. It was boring. Very cute dolls dresses.


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