16 March 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Birthday Week!

We survived. We did well, even.

Well, except for my list stuff. I was so busy keeping the kids busy and distracted that I completely derailed on the list. Still, let's see what I've done:
  • Piece kitty quilt for my aunt - didn't happen - I'm scheduling this for after this week when I can really focus
  • Cut and sew two dresses for my eldest daughter - not quite done, as a trip to urgent care interrupted this project
  • Make Flower mini - it's cut, but needs to be sewn, although I did finish the flimsy for my Make It Do Mini:
  • Finish Sweet Divinity flimsy - didn't even touch it
  • Finish Ruby Grannies flimsy - didn't even touch it
See? Total derail. I did cut and sew this Sew Together Bag for a friend:
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
I'm just wanting to get stuff finished this week. Here's hoping! I've also got two classes to take: tomorrow night is a long-arm ruler work class, then Friday I spend all day playing with EQ7 under the direction of Nancy Mahoney. But here's what I want to get done this week:
  • Finish Aunt's kitty flimsy
  • Finish daughter's dresses
  • Finish my Flower mini
Just three. All very focused. I hope.

Okay. Colors. I'm going to do a birthday cake, because I want to. But it's also St. Patrick's day this week, so let's be Irish!

I'd really like a strawberry charlotte for my birthday cake. Question is, do I want to do the work? Can I say I'm excited to celebrate my birthday in Seattle, where there are so many fabulous bakeries that my husband can just buy me a birthday cake? :)

Funny, this color palette of Ireland looks like it could come from my new hometown. Green and grey. Gotta love it!

Okay. It's not always overcast. Blue skies and blue sea and brighter greens:

And I love the "scone" color up there.

Your turn. Birthday cake or Ireland? You pick!


  1. Birthday cake's nice and all. But of course I must choose Ireland, hands down. ;) Have a fantastic week, Jennie-style! :)

  2. You seem to get a lot more done than me! I have a quilt to finish and I need some skirts. I end up doing other things. Hopefully your Fresh Air pattern will be ready soon and then it will be one thing off your list. Have a nice week and thank you for all those colorful suggestions. I save them thinking I may buy those fabrics for a quilt!

  3. Oh yes, Ireland for me! I would have chosen the grey castle photo too - it is gorgeous! I was thinking of you during the week when I received my monthly mini skeins yarn subscription. There was a lovely grey in there and it was called Seattle Sky. Is it really that rainy and grey there?! Happy birthday and have a great week!

  4. Happy Birthday Week! Sounds like you have some fun plans. Hope your family is well.

  5. I love the Ireland! even though you didn't get your projects done that you wanted to...I am sure you were an AMAZING mom all week. I call that a win! Have a great week!!

  6. Love, love, love the palettes! And that mini quilt is adorable! Well worth all the time. ;-)

    Happy Birthday week!!

  7. Looks like the Irish won over birthday cakes.


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