28 April 2018

Friday Finish: A quilt! A quilt!

The grass is greener in Western Washington.

Except when it comes to finding a place to quilt my quilts.

Idaho spoiled me. I was 15 minutes away from a fantastic quilt shop that had 4 long arms for rent at very reasonable rates. I was there a lot.

And then we moved. And I love my little house and my garden and my fruit trees and all the painting I get to do. But I miss finishing quilts on the long arm.

I found a place, but it's an hour away. Still, I trekked up there and got two quilts finished. But I can only show you one right now. The other was a sample quilt for Craftsy and I have to wait! Arggghhh! But trust me, it's adorable.

Here's my other finish:

One giant Open Season quilt (I made it bigger - who's shocked?), backed in lime green flannel and so super cozy. And my cute quilt holders - I need to find a better place to photograph my quilts. I miss my fence and big clothespins.

Name: Prairie Open Season
Fabric: Prairie by Corey Yoder for Moda
Pattern: Open Season in this book
Size: Huge. Okay, I'll measure it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned. I'm going to be finishing up a new pattern, and working on something. I haven't decided what I want to work on.


  1. CUTE! I love it! And the boys are adorable.

  2. It is lovely and very springy! Love your quilt holders!

  3. I love this quilt, it looks so cuddly!

  4. Congrats on your finish! I love seeing the quilt in 'real life'. Let's us know how big the quilt actually is. And your guys really seem to be enjoying it. Lovely quilt! Sorry you lost your longarm shop - that can really put a dent in things.


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