05 February 2014

WIP Wednesday: a little Swedish Bloom-Time derail

I got distracted.

I blame the bee blocks.

This month was tough. We had to come up with our own thing. Not my favorite. I already have to choose blocks twice a year for everyone else to make.

Anywho, I spent all month trying to figure out what I would make. Here's what I came up with (others made houses, birds, flowers, trees, even a squirrel!):

After I made that Swedish Bloom-Time block, I wanted to make more! So I pulled some favorite aquas and yellows and made my first one.

This will be an ongoing project for me - I want to make a big ol' quilt for me that's in my two favorite colors!

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  1. Super cute blocks. I thought your favorites were aqua and red. Is it aqua and yellow?

  2. ooh i love the aqua flower! i don't always like choosing which bee blocks to make either but then again at least i can be sure it won't be something i hate. so there's that.

  3. Beautiful blooms! Love that Lucille quote btw!

  4. Way cute! I'm impressed at your busy household, student husband, AND you diligence in quilting. I guess the latter is your therapy :)

  5. HI!!!! There are all very pretty!!!! I love the hive block!!!!

  6. I love that swedish bloom quilt. On the to do one day list ... your blocks look great

  7. Great blocks, Jennie, especially living the beehive one ... that would make a fun scrappy quilt methinks :)

  8. I love the bee hive! You should do a tutorial on it! I'd be there! I really want to do that one as I have a guest room and I am decorating it in a "garden" theme...and this bee hive on a decorative pillow would be perfect!


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