07 February 2014

Friday Finish: The Glamping Patchwork Weekender Bag

A few rules.

I will not be giving this bag away. No way, no how.

You cannot come take it from me. I am an armed (are you kidding - I live in Idaho!) American woman who is not afraid to defend her patchwork Weekender.

There. We're good.

Here she is. My favoritest bag ever. Made with the Moda Glamping fabric, my favoritest fabric ever.

This girl, is me. Well, me if I wore red lipstick. But it's how I feel right now. Just happy. Doesn't she look happy (and blurry - sorry!)?

I fussy cut some of my favorites quotes on the fabric line:

And this little fire. I just love that it's pink!

The real question is this: do y'all want me to blog about making it? You know, how many squares, what size, etc.? Any tips on this bag that haven't already been posted? Or posted all in one spot? You tell me!

Crossing this one off the 1QFAL list - oh so satisfying! And linking up!

You can see my other finished Weekenders here,here, and here. This one is my fifth, as I made an identical one for my sis-in-law for Christmas and just had to make one more for me. I'll be showing you my sixth one tomorrow.


  1. Yes!!!! Please post EVERYTHING you have learned in making this bag. I want to make one, but I am so intimidated. A one stop spot on your blog with everything pertaining to this bag would be so wonderful!

  2. Can i just touch it... No no I am not taking it away from you...hush! :-)
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Please post a tutorial!!! I would love tips on how to make it

  4. SO GREAT! I think the fabric for the handles is my favorite part! My weekender is probably one of my most prized possessions :)

  5. I can see why this is your favorite. I spy some aqua and yellow. My favorite part is the bias piping. I love plaids and gingham on the bias!

  6. It's amazing. I'd love to see tips and tricks. I've recently picked up the pattern and as soon as I can find some of the supplies it calls for I'm making it!

    Any tips on the pellon? It doesn't seem to be anything stocked locally and I'm trying to figure out if I can replace I with something or I should try and source I online.

  7. I can see why this one is staying with you....love it! Yes, hints and tips are always welcome.

  8. Stunning! Delightful! Amazing! I know where you live ......... :)

  9. Very very nice finish, I love it

  10. It turned out so so cute! I love it. Great choices on the fussy cutting it definitely adds so much :)

  11. This one is on my wish list. Please share anything and everything you learned making it!!

  12. I would love to hear how you put this together as I have it cut out and hopefully start it sometime in the next few weeks.

  13. Oh, YES! Please do share! I have not ever made a bag yet. But this is just the sweetest. I would love to see a tutorial!

  14. Congrats on your finishes :o)


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