16 December 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Sleeping Bags for Softies

First, don't forget to link up to yesterday's post for the Santa's Sweatshop Linky Party - FUN prizes, which is always a good thing!

Nothing super gorgeous to look at today, unless you are 11, 9, 7, 5, or 3. But I'm pretty sure my littles are going to love these come Christmas morning.

 We love our softies a whole lot. In fact, all of them have requested a Hobbes softie (which means mama better get on that hand-sewing!). And we love making tents in the living room with quilts and sleeping out there. So why not have sleeping bags for the softies?

L gets dragons, because that girl loves her dragons. Lined with blue minky (all the minky is left over from quilts - big win!):

W gets Star Wars, lined with red minky:

J gets puppies, lined with orange minky (that kid wants a puppy like nothing else!):

H gets Superman, of course, lined with green minky:

And C gets Frozen, naturally, lined with pink minky:

These were on my 4QFAL list, and I'm so glad I've got them finished!


  1. These are way too cute. I thought about doing something similar, but ended up making little quilts for the animals instead. Now I'm rethinking that decision.

  2. Adorable!!!! And what a great use of minky scraps!

  3. I remember being so very happy when my mum made my teddy one as a child. We went camping a lot and he used to get very cold

  4. Such cute and soft sleeping bags for all the little ones friends! Each is unique and so sweet. Your kids will be thrilled! Nice work, Jennie!

  5. I've made quite a few sleeping bags for Barbie and for stuffed animals also. They make a nice quick project.

  6. The kids and their softies are going to love them! I know our kids would have loved something like this when they were little.

  7. Aww the teddies look so snug in their sleeping bags - I'm sure they're going to see lots and lots of use!

  8. Did you use batting in between your layers?


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