19 December 2014

Friday Finish: Another Make It Do Maxi Quilt!

There is a binding thief at my house.

Seriously. I made a stack o' bindings (photographic evidence) and that brown one with the dots disappeared.

I'm pretty certain I know who the culprit is. A certain three-year-old in my house is obsessed with polka dots these days. I'm sure she swiped it and stashed it away somewhere and we'll find it when we eventually move. Because I cannot find it anywhere! Don't know how she  missed those pink ones.

I figure when I do find it, I'll use it for another project. In the meantime, I had to get this quilt finished:

Just another version of my Make It Do Maxi quilt. This one takes just a layer cake plus yardage for the background and border. I'm liking the layer cake quilt patterns these days. Works up so quick, and so great at showcasing the bigger prints in a line that get chopped up in a smaller block.

Finished at 72" square, and backed in baby pink Minky. And claimed, surprise surprise, by the binding thief herself.

No remorse, whatsoever. She's lucky she's cute.

Hey, and don't forget to link up all your fabulous Christmas gift finishes for my Santa's Sweatshop linky party. Some seriously fabulous prizes y'all! The elves deserve some rewards for working so hard this Christmas!


  1. Very pretty quilt and really cute recipient!

  2. What a cutie and the quilt is just lovely as well.

  3. You are never too young to love polka dots! I remember fabric shopping when I was little with my mom and aunt, I would dream of the day that I would get to buy fabric.

  4. Your binding thief is adorable. Glad you still had enough fabric to finish this adorable quilt. I love the dark brown border you added.

  5. Aww the binding pilferer looks very very cute wrapped up in the quilt - and it is a lovely polka dot binding - really who can blame her!

  6. I don't know... I think I would have gladly aided and abetted that cute thief! I mean... it *is* polka dots! :)

  7. Oh Jennie, she IS cute! Yes, I would forgive her anything too! Love your quilt, you certainly know how to showcase your fabric ... lovely work :)

  8. Awesome quilt! I love that your little girl steals your fabric. Mine does too--in fact I haven't been able to sew using hot pink or solid pink for 2 years--or anything with a Disney princess. When my boys were little, I wasn't allowed to cut or sew any Disney Cars or anything with a train. I had to buy it at the store--but they were "un-cuttable."

  9. I've linked up twice! So proud I worked out how to on my own. Funny she went for the brown polka dots. Pink is much prettier! Cute picture of your little one in the quilt. She looks a bit cheeky?


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