07 September 2012

Friday Finish: with a question: Would you wait?

Oh Nellie, will this be tough!

I have one finished bed-sized quilt flimsy. It's ready to be quilted. I've got the backing pieced together (yellow Minky) and I'm making the binding. Then there's my Sew Cherry Granny Squares quilt that I'm putting the border on.

So why wait? Because they are flipping queen-sized quilts and I've never done one that big. With a Minky backing (on one at least) no less!

My options are these: go ahead and try to quilt them on my home machine and hope they turn out better than I think they will. Or wait. Until next summer. Yeah, you read that right. Next summer.

See, we're moving next May. And where we are moving to has a shop with four Gammills. They rent them by the hour and I could go and quilt my big quilts on a long-arm. The thought makes me a little bit giddy. You take their class first and learn how to use the machine and then you get to quilt like crazy.

So, what would you do? I really really want these quilts done and on my bed (well, rotating out), but I want the quilting to make me happy.


Before I sign off for the day, I have another finish for you. My other Valentine's quilt. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. You might be thinking I'm trying to pass off the same quilt. But I'm not. Two different backs. And with this one, the first one, I didn't turn the blocks in all the right direction. So they are a little mismatched and crazy. But I'm over it.

See, different back. Love those panels.
If all goes well, I will have 11 projects from my 3Q FAL list done. Maybe 12. Out of 20. Not too shabby!


  1. Personally speaking, I'd rather shove my finger in a light socket than quilt on minkee...but that's just me. You could use a temporary spray adhesive like 505 spray and fix to hold everything in place. Or so I'm told, since I've never used it. Good luck!

  2. I have to say that I'd wait. Over the course of a lifetime, a few months is very short. It does take extra time to wrestle the quilts through a domestic machine--and usually that leads to extra frustration for most of us. If you had no choice, of course I'd say, do it now.

    Wow! I guess that's an on-the-fence answer!

  3. Almost all of my quilts have minky for backs and I quilt them on my little home machine. They aren't small quilts either. I say go for it! I'd be happy to talk you through it :) There are a few tricks to quilting minky but I actually prefer it to regular fabric. :)

  4. I was going to say wait until I read Marion's comment. If you have someone to help you quilt with the minty, I would go for it!

  5. I say go ahead and quilt them and use them. It's not like you won't have other quilts to quilt in the shop of dreams. Sounds way awesome by the way!

  6. Honestly, I think I would wait. The top won't take up much room, and then you can quilt it like you want.


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