22 November 2013

Friday Finish: Gypsy Girl Weekender Bag

Phew! They Gypsy Girl Weekender bag is done! Check it off the 4QFAL!

A hard lesson learned. Broke three hand needles trying to stitch the lining to the bag, but I got it done. My thumb hurts. Maybe I need a thimble or two?

Next time (if there is a next time), I'd add a medium weight interfacing to the lining material, if I'm not using a home dec weight. It's a smidge too flimsy for me, but my daughter doesn't mind, and it's her bag.

I got a little big for my boots on this one. I followed the instructions for the lining, which has you sew with a larger seam allowance than the outer bag. Well, I did that and it didn't fit. Too tight. So I took out all that stitching and sewed it with the same seam allowance. Now it was too loose! Sheesh! I found a happy medium and I think it turned out okay.

Going to make a special plug for my zipper supplier. I needed a 30" zipper. I wanted a double zip one, since this bag is so very big. I found zipper heaven at zipit on etsy. Loved it all for several reasons. First, AMAZING prices. Like 10 30" zippers (yes, I plan on making more weekenders) for $20. Second, I got a free color card with my order, so I can have a better idea of the color selection. And believe you me, I'll be selecting colors! Third, shipping was super fast. I'm in Idaho, it came from Wisconsin, and only in a few days. So if you need zippers, shop here. Cheaper than JoAnn's. Better selection. Just plain awesome!

And I'm in love with the Weekender pattern again, and I want to make another one. This next one will be for my mom. I'm going to use this fabric for the outside (found here):

This for the lining, handles and piping (found here):

I might have more fabric for another one. Might. No guarantees. Okay, yes, I do. A yellow dandelion one for me. And another patchwork one.And then we'll see.

Up next: stockings for Christmas!

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  1. Beautiful! Nicely executed and well photographed!

  2. It is such a beautiful bag...Maybe someday I will give it a try. =)

  3. So you have been bit by the Weekender bug! The one you made is gorgeous!! Excited to see the next ones:)

  4. Your daughter's bag is gorgeous. Great work!

  5. This bag is simply adorable. I bet your daughter just loves it. Thimbles really are helpful. I don't think I know how to hold a needle without one on my finger-lol.

  6. I love looking at these bags...but they still freak me out...so kudos to you for finishing!

  7. Zipit is my favorite zipper source. They are amazing. Great job on the bag!

  8. What a beautiful bag! Great job,,,you should be so proud of yourself!

  9. Oh my, that is such a cute bag! Your quilting is wonderful, and well, I just love it! Her from Whoop! Whoop!


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