08 August 2015

Saturday Finish: Elizabeth Bag

I've gotten a little hooked on Instagram swaps. I've learned a few things, now that I've got a few of them under my belt. There's all sorts of rules, but I've got three:

  1. Follow the swap mama rules. That's pretty easy. Check in. Make mosaics. Cooperate. Ship on time. All that. I confess I totally forgot to make a mosaic for one of my swaps. Felt like such a dork. But I quickly e-mailed my swap mama, apologized, and posted a mosaic. 
  2. Make something awesome. Like seriously awesome. Something you would be really excited to receive.
  3. Please please please use fabrics and colors your partner likes. This sometimes means buying some new fabric (unless it's a "sew from your stash" swap). That's okay. You want them thrilled, not disappointed.
That's it. Those are my personal rules for the swaps.

And y'all, I rocked this one.

My partner is a fan of the Elizabeth line from Tula Pink. She didn't specify what she'd like to receive, but I've always wanted to make this bag from By Annie. It's called the Everything In Its Place bag and it's some kind of awesome. It might very well replace my Sew Together Bag. It can hold SO MUCH more!

I waited until the class at Craftsy went on sale ($19.99), which would have been the cost of the two patterns alone, so it was totally worth it. And you need the class. This is a challenging bag, with some complicated components (gusseted vinyl, a stabilizer sleeve, a billion zippers), and the videos just help. Promise.

So, what do you think? Will she be thrilled?

I even added a little teapot zipper charm, since she's English. And it's ELIZABETH.

I'm thinking I'll make myself a few patchwork ones. Or ten. And give away half of them! If you decide to give this bag a go, I've got some pointers myself for it. Might just include it in my Tutorials up there. 

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list. Making slow progress these days.


  1. Your bag making skill is awesome, Jennie ... I'm amazed at how quickly you pick new stuff up. Beautiful work, yes please to a tute :)

  2. THIS. IS. STUNNING. What a gorgeous bag!! (And I love the tips on swaps... any tips on extras to send?!)

  3. I've been watching this come together on Instagram, and let me just tell you: she will be thrilled! This is just fabulous and looks super complicated! Way above my sewing level. So congrats to you! Your partner is super lucky!

  4. Wow - I would love to be your swap partner! This bag is amazing. Congrats on the FAL finish - so satisfying.

  5. Wonderful work - she should be totally thrilled with it, great job!

  6. Really great work on this bag. I love how you cut the fabric for the front and quilted it. You picked perfect color combos also, the piping looks great. Lucky partner!

  7. You made such a gorgeous bag. So many details, all perfectly sewn. Congratulations.

  8. She will be lucky to receive this great bag! Looks awesome!

  9. She'll be thrilled! Totally gorgeous finish and yes, you totally rocked this. Wow!

  10. That's so great - lucky partner. You must not be afraid of zippers or clear vinyl (like me).

  11. What a great bag! I love the outside, but then there's all those pockets on the inside! Well done.

  12. I bet your partner loved it!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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