11 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Blue

Clearly Scarlett O'Hara isn't the only who can rock the green palette! Some seriously awesome palettes last week y'all!

Miss Kate (the real Miss Kate!), did this gorgeous sangria photo. I want some of those blues, but the greens and tan and reds are so pretty!

Kirsten wins with this gorgeousness - love that touch of aqua (okay, it's candy green, but it sure looks aqua to me) and the grayish purplish color. So pretty! And I want this quilt now!

Kate and I must be sisters, because we are both GWTW fans. She beats me though - I'd forgotten about this particular green dress. Don't know how - it's gorgeous. And what a pretty palette too.

Moving along our rainbow, we arrive at blue. And I love blue. I married a man with gorgeous blue eyes, and he wears blue shirts (that I wash and iron and hang up every week), so yes, I love blue.

And I had fun with the palettes. And I didn't even do an Elsa one! Aren't you proud?

I really want to go to Greece someday. Look at that water!

And then, when I found out I could do up to ten, I did it again and added some pops of pinks and reds. And I love it more!

Okay, little story here. I met my husband three days before Valentine's Day. We went on our first date on the 12th. We kissed on the 13th. And on Valentine's Day, he gave me a painting.

Right? Weird. But not. Maxfield Parrish is one of his favorite artists, and this is the painting he gave me. Parrish was gifted at many things, but he was especially great at the variations of blue in a sky. There were times my husband would come home, or call, and tell me to go outside. "I ordered a Parrish sky for you tonight." Some couples go in for sunsets. But Parrish skies are our romantic sky of choice.

Time to see what you've got! Have fun with it! Just a reminder on how to play along: find a picture, upload it to the Palette Builder, play around, save it, blog it, link it.

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