01 May 2015

Friday Finish: Some Throw Pillows

I've got a couple of quilts almost finished, but I thought I'd just finish these up real quick before I left town.

Now, if I haven't mentioned it, this little girly of mine has a thing for polka dots. LOVES them. All colors, although pink is definitely her color of choice. Still, all polka dots are welcome.

I quilted these a while back when I had some extra backing/batting space on the long arm. Since I knew they'd be pillows, it didn't much matter what the backing was.

And now my girly has two pink polka dot churn dash pillows. All from leftover blocks from my I Love Lucy churn dash quilt.

Checking these two off the 2QFAL list!


  1. Absolutely adorable pillows! Isn't it amazing that kids, at such a young age, already really know their own minds? Both my daughters still love, to this day, 20-odd years later, the colour they LOVED at age 3-4.

  2. Oh, can your daughter and I be besties?! I big, fat, fluffy heart polka dots too! These pillows are adorable!

  3. Super cute! Love the polka dot quilting too.

  4. Cute quilting to match the spots in the fabric. Well done. I'm visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.


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